Samsung Galaxy S9 teaser hints at new camera features and more — Watch

3 Features of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 revealed

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is pretty old these days.

I know, I know - it sounds sinister.

Let's crack on with this guide to the Samsung Galaxy S5's camera. Currently, there's not much that is known about the Hyperknit cases. So far so good... The TrueDepth camera that enables Face ID's 3D facial recognition on the iPhone X has other uses beyond providing secure biometric authentication for unlocking and mobile payments.

The first video shows fast things, and everything goes slow at the end. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be an important smartphone for the company as well as for the market. The flagship devices will be powered by the Snapdragon 845 processor and the highlight of the new phones will be the camera.

You'll see a feature toggle called 'grid lines'. It remains unknown when the deployment will resume. However, the phones are expected to be priced roughly similar to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

A cache budget is allocated to every application. Think more creatively and you'll get better, more interesting photos. Lastly, the Protective Standing Cover is durable, bulky, and it comes with a kickstand. This wasn't just the first Galaxy S phone to have a Full HD display.

Find out more on February 25.

That leaves the Galaxy S8 community in a half-updated state, with some of them running Oreo on their devices, apparently with little to no problems, and the rest stuck with Android Nougat. Users can tap on the dot to preview the notification or may opt to remove it by swiping right.

For now, patience will have to be had until they have decided that whatever concerns they had, have been addressed. On the back, we'll have single-cam setups for the Galaxy S9, and dual-lens shooters for the Galaxy S9+. We exclusively reported yesterday that Samsung has stopped the Galaxy S8 Android Oreo release and that the firmware files are no longer available for download from its servers.

ETNews mentions the flexible aperture of the rear camera, which was listed in specs leaks before. The scene with the deer brightens up considerably even in the dark. Meaning all the data you spent downloading the update was for nothing. The 30-second clip titled 'The Camera. Well, at least Facebook-worthy results.

So here's our Top Tip: don't use the zoom, use your legs. It's good having a choice. If your angle is wrong?

That's because the Galaxy S9 design hasn't exactly been a mystery. I want a smooth UI and the ability to shoot pictures accurately and quickly. Stick to the middle one.


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    Samsung Galaxy S9 Has Headphone Jack, Few Other Tricks — Friday in CE

    Samsung Galaxy S9 Has Headphone Jack, Few Other Tricks — Friday in CE

    In this picture you can see the S9's 3.5mm headphone combi jack and a speaker port either side of the USB Type-C connector post. The biggest difference between the DeX Station and the DeX Pad is that a Galaxy phone will be laid down flat on the pad.
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