Turkish PM Repeats Support for Jerusalem in Palestine

Trump at Western Wall

This is the only way that the peace process can be revitalized.

And US administration officials risked pouring gasoline on the flames Friday, stating that the Western Wall - in largely Palestinian east Jerusalem - would almost certainly be part of Israel under any deal. But it should also expose the Palestinian leadership, for all of its failings and corruption.

Instead, Abbas wishes to seek the mediation of the United Nations Security Council.

"The last couple weeks in the region have been a reaction to the Jerusalem decision", another administration official said. The second side happened to be good for the Christians, although they were not its focus, just as for the most part they were collateral damage, not the target, for the forces arrayed against Assad.

We are for whatever renews our class solidarity and self-confidence, advancing us along a revolutionary course toward a united struggle for workers power.

That is seen as a kind of conclusiveness, and, with rabble-rousing anger, Palestinian leaders have said it's no longer going to meet with U.S. representatives to discuss a two-state peace solution with Israel.

Mourners chanted anti-Trump slogans and masked men fired into the air during one of the ceremonies in the village of Beit Ula in the occupied West Bank.

Backed by Muslim countries, the Palestinians are expected to turn to the UN General Assembly to adopt a resolution rejecting the US decision, if, as expected, the measure is vetoed by the United States at the council. The U.S. decision on Jerusalem has made things worse, not any better.

Supporting the final statement of the OIC's extraordinary summit last Wednesday in Istanbul does not necessarily mean that Tehran recognizes Israel.

One of the dead was a man who Israeli police troopers said was shot after he stabbed a member of their unit. This is a public space where dogs have been tacitly allowed to co-exist with golfers for as long as I can remember.

"As Jews around the world are celebrating Chanukah, the liberation of Jerusalem 2,000 ago, the Palestinians continue to try to reinvent history", Danon charged.

The new tax bill will have negative effects on the middle class. It will require us to foot the bill for those who lose their health insurance, put off checkups and use emergency rooms when there is a crisis.

The Islamic Republic's reservation on recognizing Israel, Qassemi insisted, was reflected in a written document officially delivered to the OIC's secretariat.

Denouncing the recent U.S. decision on Jerusalem, he urged American President to undo his decision. Their hatred for the occupation and love for their city of Jerusalem requires no official communications.

Part of what Israel captured was the western portion of Jerusalem.

A meeting between Pence and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was also canceled following Trump's announcement.

The problem is that Palestinians refuse to accept Israel within any border and incite hatred against the Jews and terrorism in their leaders' speeches, schools, media and mosques.

It said they were also investigating "if the suspect was dressed as a journalist", enabling him to get close to the officers. The U.S. -Israeli might makes right approach is self-defeating and the biggest threat to peace and security. While there is a holy Muslim place in Jerusalem, Islam's holiest cities are Medina and Mecca.



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