The Many Moving Parts Of Cersei Lannister's Scheme

The Dragon and The Wolf

The trouble with this black box maneuver - of which the show has grown overfond - isn't just that it's a cheat that excuses the writers from tackling the hard transitions that make a series great.

And perhaps, third time's the charm because in "The Dragon and the Wolf" (S7E7) Jaime let her leave. Evil to the core, he had a thing for feeding his dogs to people he no longer liked. Hence, they are not on speaking terms. However, the season 7 finale served the captain the last straw.

The secrecy surrounding the HBO hit show and any potential Game of Thrones spoiler is legendary.

Jaime's character development had stagnated in the most frustrating way possible. "I'm a bit confused", stutters slimy Baelish, the sneakiest man in Westeros.

Say whaaaat? But hear us out.

She has so little interest or regard for the rest of humanity. Brienne just sits in Winterfell and trains.

So why do we never see them together? Earlier in the season, an emissary from the bank hinted to Cersei that Euron's allegiance may only be temporary.

Jon had a similar conversation with Daenerys, arguing that she's really only more of the same if she takes down the Lannisters with fire and threatens all who will not bend the knee. He forsook his family's legacy to protect the Mad King. We first see him tossing his own brother Balon off a bridge and claiming himself heir to Salt Throne.

In Sunday night's season finale, it was revealed that the Iron Bank is so pleased with Cersei's repayment that it has agreed to give her a new loan to hire the Golden Company, a legendary mercenary army that could help her defeat Daenerys Targaryen and reclaim the Seven Kingdoms. Season 7 has some smart, action-based high-points.

A particular moment of note from this season was the discussion between Tyrion and Dany about "breaking the cycle". He became the kingslayer to prevent needless murder.

The flaming arrows and ballista javelins could determine whether the undead Viseryion is a flammable wight or a White Walker. But we also don't see resolution to their discussion on screen, which means that the two presumably reach an agreement in private that suits each of their needs - or at least that's what Cersei leads Tyrion to believe. "I think her lie will be very shocking", Headey said. In the premiere, he tried to make Cersei see reason that she needed allies. To others, his name inspires comments like "You're making that name up". While he didn't kill them all, he did kill and rape many members and He also brutally killed Oberyn Martell in the now infamous trial by combat in one of the most vicious deaths ever seen on television. That's right - the same as the number of surviving members of House Tyrell. But she's only about to get pregnant with an incestuous love child. Psychotic seadog Euron does a stand-up job in the first few episodes, but quickly disappears.

Littlefinger does not lack drive, but his purpose is unfocused and unclear. And the Night King? Because Winter is finally here.

But according to the show, that move was deliberate. You'd think he might be on speaking terms with Cersei, but in the show the pair have always been kept separate.


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    Samsung looking to make a big return with the Galaxy Note 8

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    Letter to the editor: Pardon of Sheriff Arpaio by Trump deserves applause

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    Game of Thrones creators explain Jon Snow twist in season seven finale

    That's not a huge financial commitment, and given the quality of the show, it'll be seen as a worthwhile investment. In Winterfell, Arya and Sansa have finally come to their senses, but that was expected.
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    The Moto X4 is a pretty decent mid-range Android handset

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    In photos: Tropical storm Harvey causes widespread destruction in Houston

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    Keon Broxton robs home run, saves game for Brewers

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    Huge Number Of People Streamed Mayweather vs McGregor

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    US to Posture Up More National Guard To Manage Flooding - Major General

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    Texas devastation brings together hearts and helping hands — In our opinion

    Texas devastation brings together hearts and helping hands — In our opinion

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    PSG signs 'most promising player in the world — Kylian Mbappé

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    Transfer: PSG Grabs Mbappe

    Transfer: PSG Grabs Mbappe

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